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Album Review: Jen Cloher (2017)

Jen Cloher, right, and Courtney Barnett

It’s almost too prosaic a point to make but there’s a curious aspect of our attitude to music and musicians as artists. It’s perhaps the one artform where we desire, if not insist upon a direct connection between art, artist and listener/reader/viewer.

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Dunkirk, Brexit and the New Propaganda


PERHAPS the best description of the evacuation of Dunkirk comes in the first volume of Spike Milligan’s war memoirs, Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall. While on his basic training in Sussex, Milligan asks a veteran what it had been like. ‘Like, son?’ comes the reply. ‘It was a[…]

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The Catholicism of Graham Greene

Graham Greene

It took me a long time to ‘get’ Graham Greene. I first tried to read him (Brighton Rock, I think) when I was about 15. But I was too young, or it was just the wrong time in my life. And so, for years, I’d left myself with the impression[…]

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