I’ve presented at a number of conferences and symposia on the subjects of narratology, particularly as it relates to videogames, and on current trends on cultural production and reception.

2007/08 — TAPS Training & Performance Showcase. Writing for Continuing Drama/Script Editing for Continuing Drama. Series of focused workshops on writing and script-editing for continuing drama, working with practitioners from Emmerdale, The Bill, Doctors and Coronation Street.

June 2018 — Presented a paper on ‘Narrative Focalisation and Video Games’ at the Beyond Stereotypes – Literature and Video Games conference at the University of St Andrews.

May 2019 — Presented a paper on ‘Emanant narratology in videogames and its implications for creative writers’ at the Symposium on Fantasy and the Fantastic at the University of Glasgow

June 2019 — Presented a paper on ‘A Bourdieusian reading of “digital anxiety” and how it pertains to fiction writers’ at the Creative Writing: Processes, Theories, Influences conference at the University of Edinburgh.

May 2020 — Moderated a number of online sessions for the Stay At Home Literary Festival.

June 2020 — Moderated an online session on tie-in media for the Cymera Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror festival.