Dr Cailean McBride is a writer, journalist and educator from Scotland. He holds a DFA in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow and his work has appeared in Gutter, From Glasgow to Saturn and in the anthologies All Becomes Art and Crooked Holster. His screenplays have been shortlisted in the British Short Screenplay Competition and FilmG Awards and he is an alumni of the Training and Performance Showcase in script-writing and script-editing for TV continuing drama. He’s taught English and Creative Writing at the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow and worked as a journalist for a number of print and web titles, at both a regional and national level.

He has a number of current research and creative interests, which include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Exploring the potential of creative writing as a therapeutic activity, particularly for those with ASD or other neurological conditions.
  • The evolution of national film cultures under the influence of digital hysteresis and transformations in the cultural field.
  • The writing manual as consecratory device for maintaining cultural hierarchies and creative habitus.
  • The screenplay as academic and fictocritical artefact.
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Music. Betrayal. Murder.

Johnny Heretic is dead. An era-defining rock legend, turned international icon, the entire world apparently mourns his passing. Not least Belinda Cassidy, fading music journo and Johnny's former childhood friend. But as she delves into her memories and into the history of Johnny's chequered career, is she in danger of finding something much more sinister? Something including murder?

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