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Blue Pencils

Paging Mr Eliot…

TS Eliot: After the Wasteland by Robert Crawford THIS IS big book. In fact, taken with its first volume, Robert Crawford could be said to have produced the definitive biography of TS Eliot. And it’s one that’s sorely needed. If there’s one literary figure of the 20th century in need of some re-evaluation then it’s […]

Cailean McBride 
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Music. Betrayal. Murder.

Johnny Heretic is dead. An era-defining rock legend, turned international icon, the entire world apparently mourns his passing. Not least Belinda Cassidy, fading music journo and Johnny's former childhood friend. But as she delves into her memories and into the history of Johnny's chequered career, is she in danger of finding something much more sinister? Something including murder?

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